Wenwen Ding

PhD student of Information Systems

Walton College, UArk


Wenwen Ding is a PhD student in Information Systems at Walton College of Business. Her research interests focus on applications of data analytics and artificial intelligence. She is working on Reject Inference, which applies deep learning algorithms and reinforcement learning into financial credit domain.


  • Artificial Intelligence in Fintech
  • Health IT in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Cultural Heritage


  • PhD in Information Systems, 2025

    Walton College, The University of Arkansas

  • MSc in Library and Information Management (Data Science), 2017

    The University of Hong Kong

  • BSc in Information Management and Information System, 2016

    Zhejiang University of Technology




Machine Learning






Oil Painting





Finding a Way to Address Historical Loan Inequalities with Better AI: Learning from Success and Failure

Using the Reject Inference method (Ding & Wan, 2020) to teach AI to see unseen patterns can allow a more evenhanded distribution …

Ensemble Incremental Learning Iterative Mechanism on Reject Inference

This paper investigates the possibility of using statistical methods (extrapolation and NB) and supervised learning algorithms …

Analysing User Needs for Dunhuang Cultural Heritage Information on Social Media. (Thesis)

Digital Dunhuang concept has been proposed since the 80s of last century, aimed at the use of digital technology to achieve the …

A Systematic Review of Studies on Predicting Student Learning Outcomes Using Learning Analytics

Predicting student learning outcomes is one of the prominent themes in Learning Analytics research. These studies varied to a …

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Welcome to Doublewen Art World

Acrylic & oil painting 2021

Research Experience


Research Assistant

Westlake University, Machine Intelligence lab

Oct 2019 – Dec 2019 Hangzhou, China
  • A research assistant in Machine Intelligence Lab, responsible for learning new technology of Deep Learning, practical project development, application technology research.
  • My research field is machine learning theory and application in economics, with the latest research of “A Empirical Study of Feature-based Deep & Wide model for Credit Scoring on Telecom Dataset” manuscript in submission.

Teaching Assistant

HKU, Data-Driven Scholarship Institute

Nov 2016 – Nov 2016 Hong Kong
Assisted the practical teaching activities for 8 different courses and labs

Research Assistant (PT)

HKU, Information Technology Studies

Oct 2016 – Dec 2017 Hong Kong
Responsibilities include:

  • Conducted coding statistical analysis from the prediction model information, and verified the key variables for the outcome’s study
  • Wrote academic publishing drafts, and met with data mining professionals to ensure the scientific evaluation and analysis’ accuracy
  • Built websites for scholastic activities, such as silent auctions and presidential elections

Working Experience


Deputy Dean of Operations Research Institute

Hangzhou Qiandianbai Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Jan 2020 – Jul 2021 Hangzhou, China
Responsibilities include:

  • Assist the CEO to formulate the development strategy of the group, and provide the group with technical support in planning, design and technical management.
  • Responsible for the planning and design management or technical management of the whole group.
  • Responsible for the product development and innovation of the whole group, collect and summarize the current most advanced and best-selling product designs, and report to the CEO.
  • Responsible for the training and improvement of the planning and design of the operation research institute and technical management personnel.

Senior Data Engineer

Hangzhou Nairong Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Dec 2018 – Aug 2019 Hangzhou, China
Responsibilities include:

  • Built reject inference models, GitHub project: https://github.com/WynnDing/reject-inference-lendingclub
  • Utilized EDA, generating business analysis code guidance book to be used by colleagues lacking in programming experience
  • Extracted, cleaned, and integrated data from the database, and used visualization to generate and optimize the weekly data reports

Senior Data Engineer (Partnership)

Hangzhou Yunsu Apartment Management Co., Ltd.

Mar 2018 – Nov 2018 Hangzhou, China
Responsibilities include:

  • Built the Yunsu WeChat Stewardship Monitoring System (NLP, Python)
  • Implemented OTA platform Web Crawling for the company to compete against hotels, maintain order information, and monitor their sales in real time (Python)
  • Developed a hotel management system based on my own reporting designs (Java)
  • Built the company’s official small program and internal collaboration platform (PHP)

Data Engineer & Assistant President

Hangzhou Zuobiao Real Estate Marketing Planning Co., Ltd.

Sep 2017 – Feb 2018 Hangzhou, China
Responsibilities include:

  • Built a real-time overview of the regional transaction data, based on the DataV
  • Provided decision support through: organizing annual transaction data, collecting market data, and calculating market share and volatility


News Report Hotline Information Extraction Summary Integration

Investment Information NLP Processing with Automatic Tag

Implemented data cleaning for the investment information data, by selecting features and testing the prediction models (SVM, NN, LR, etc.); Performed keyword extraction from the daily investment news, using NLP word segmentation API

PPloan E-finance Training Camp

Drew the real data’s investment income curves from the statistics’ early repayment rate and collection rate; Used RapidMiner to develop three data mining processes: Analysis of User Risk Profit Preference, Investment Target Recommendation System, and User Retention Prediction Analysis
See certificate

User Experience Improvment

Successfully launched 23 online projects, using data analysis to improve user experience; Maintained 10 competitor reviews, BR sales performances, portfolio regular portfolio updates, and the new communication updates/filings

Feasibility Study Reports for Government Funding

Focusing on the competition and interdisciplinary industries’ technological trends; Built the initial policy database, and learned big data technology while doing so (Core Framework of Hadoop)

the 6th WTO and Financial Engineering International Conference & the 1st Global Innovative Forum of Entrepreneurs from Zhejiang Province

Attended business negotiation meetings with the U.S. Consulate General Shanghai and the Consulate General of Canada; Collected and analyzed relevant financial statistics, by performing qualitative research to assess the target enterprises


Sanskrit Basic Class

See certificate

Neural Networks and Deep Learning

See certificate

2017 The Silk Road Culture and Arts Research Seminar, Bamiyan and Dunhuang

See certificate

BitwiseHacks FinTech Hackathon

Used the relationship between supply and demand to design eFloat, in transaction with the creditor’s rights and float interests
See certificate

The Ninth E-commerce Competition

Designed the Huanxin Web, based on mobile e-commerce to explore a new business focusing on recycling clothes